Prix de White Lightning - 2001 race schedule

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Schedule last updated April 25/17 - 6:26 PM

Date Location Details
Mon Jun 4/01 Limerick Race #1 2 laps, 18 kms total
Race Fans, Great to see the large turnout at the 2001 MTB Tour de White Lightning Race Series kickoff. I think we might have to start charging for parking! I will endeavour to have the results updated on Race night but if I don't then GET O ...
Mon Jun 11/01 Limerick Race #2 2 laps, 18km
Post Race Commentary: June 11,2001 Race Fans; In the return engagement to the hallowed grounds of The Tour de Limerick, a huge throng gathered to test their mettle. Once again parking was at a premium with 14 racers coming out to "open a can o ...
Mon Jun 18/01 Mac Mills #1 5 laps clockwise, 12.5km
Hello Race Fans; The Tour de White Lightning Race Series made its inaugural visit to the high speed, no bermed road circuit at Macintosh Mills this evening. Word must be getting around about the Tour, as a record number of racers (20) showe ...
Mon Jun 25/01 Mac Mills #2 5 laps counter clockwise, 12.5km
Tue Jul 3/01 Limerick Forest Canada Day Cup. 2 Laps Long Course @ 6:30pm (Tues)
Hello Race Fans! Well there is a lot of info to get out and only a short time to do it, so let's get to it! The inaugural Canada Day Cup was held with strong participation by the regulars and a flashy newcomer from the "other" Race Series. T ...
Mon Jul 9/01 Mac Mills Short Course Tag Team Championship of the Worrrld, 8 laps
Race Fans, Congrats to The Tag Team Champions of the Worrrrld ...Ivan "It hurts my brain when I have a cold drink" Limburg & Darin "I'll ride slow...promise" Cosgrove. In making up the teams Darin said he would act as one of the less fast riders t .. ... read more
Mon Jul 16/01 Mac Mills 6 laps Clockwise, 15km
Race Fans; Well it was a hot one for Race #8 in the Tour de White Lightning Race Series. Too hot for the proper functioning of a couple of racer's brains it seems!! More on that later. A smog advisory and 100 degree humidex temperatures coul ...
Mon Jul 23/01 Mac Mills 6 laps Counter Clockwise, 18km
Mon Jul 30/01 Limerick Night of Terror 3laps, 27km
Race Fans, The Night of Terror turned out to be just that for numerous riders as those pesky batteries didn't quite keep going and going. Along with the lack of lumination, all riders faced the most difficult conditions of the year due to the lack of r ... read more
Mon Aug 6/01 Mac Mills 7 laps Counter Clockwise, 21km
Race Fans Finally, a bridesmaid no longer! The secretary was becoming a wee bit concerned that with only two races remaining in the schedule that he would be a bridesmaid (or Jan Ullrich) forever. That fate was averted with a last second pass a la H ... read more
Mon Aug 13/01 Mac Mills Mac Mills Grand Finale! 8 Laps? 20km
Last race for the training season. We'll see if anyone has the desire to race anymore after the 24 Hours. 8 Leisurely Laps in a Clockwise direction or 7 Counter Clockwise. Think about it!