Prix de White Lightning - 2002 race schedule

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Schedule last updated April 25/17 - 6:26 PM

Date Location Details
Tue May 28/02 Limerick 2 Laps , 20Km
Welcome Back Race Fans!

What an auspicious beginning to the 2002 Brockville Endo MTB Series. There was a huge turnout (18 Non-Leaf fans & 1 Leaf fan… Sore back my ass, Ricky!) for the inaugural event of the season at The Circuit de Limerick Forest ... read more

Tue Jun 4/02 Limerick 2 Laps, 20km Opposite to last weeks direction
Hi Again Race Fans!

Even the threat of thunder boomers couldn’t dissuade the masses from congregating at the soon to be NORBA sanctioned Circuit de Limerick Forest. The largest field in the history of the Brockville Endo Series gathered to test the ... read more

Tue Jun 11/02 Mac Mills 5 Laps, 12.5km
Welcome Dirty Mudder Forkers!

Holy muddy Batman.

The first 'real' mountain bike race of the season took place at Dover Mills Mile short dirt track (The Track Too Tough to Tame) on Tuesday. The secretary has just finished picking the mud out o ... read more

Tue Jun 18/02 Limerick 2.5 Laps, 25km
Change of venue due to weather. We will switch this race with next weeks race. Next week we will go back to Mac Mills (if weather cooperates!)
Tue Jun 25/02 Mac Mills 6 Laps, 15km Counter-clockwise
Welcome back Race Fans!

Holy Interesting Batman. Lots of tidbits in this weeks installment of commentary. Unfortunately a little less fun than some of the racers had hoped for. (Right Gilles!)

With the absence of the Endurance Series World ... read more

Tue Jul 2/02 Mac Mills 8 Laps, 20km, Tag Team Championship of the World
2 person team battle at the Mills
Tue Jul 9/02 Mac Mills 6 Laps, 15km
Race Commentary

Pete won again. The END

There is a proposal in the paddock that we start using the Inverted Start Position Rules of the IROC Series (ISPROTIROCS) for short. Basically we would look at some the lap times for riders and delay th ... read more

Mon Jul 15/02 Limerick 2 Laps, 20 km
Hey Race Fans,

There is a controversial ruling from Series Ruler Bobby "Ecclestone" Gates that affects the top 5 drivers in the Series. Rumours abound, but read the commentary to find out the truth as to penalties being imposed by "The Ruler". Now ... read more

Tue Jul 16/02 Mac Mills 7 Laps, 17.5km
Welcome Back Race Fans,

There was some exciting racing on the 2'nd night of Dual Death Days out at The Mills with Bobby "The Omnipotent Secretary" assigning the top 5 riders their penalties as a result of their heinous actions the night before. The ... read more

Tue Jul 23/02 Mac Mills 7 Laps, 17.5km
The King is Dead!! The King is Dead!! Long live the King!!

Finally, after weeks of racing Paully got that bastard child Meier off the top of the podium! (For you anal people that pay attention to details, I know Fritz kicked his ass too). The per ... read more

Tue Jul 30/02 Limerick (Night Race) 2 Laps, 20 km 8:30 Start
Good Evening Limerick Night of Terror Participants

Twenty-one brave souls dared enter the darkness armed with minimal light and only rudimentary knowledge of survival tactics in case of attack by those guardians of "The Lake of Fire"…the Pesky Bea ... read more

Tue Aug 6/02 Mac Mills 8 Laps, 20km
Glorious News Race Fans!

Finally, after listening to Mr Helpful, the months of training, saying my prayers and eating my vitamins have paid off and your humble Secretary can say he kicked the Schumeier brother's asses!!

All those miles on the ... read more

Tue Aug 13/02 Limerick 3 Laps, 27km