Prix de White Lightning - 2003 race schedule

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Schedule last updated April 25/17 - 6:26 PM

Date Location Details
Tue May 20/03 Limerick Forest 2 Laps - 22km
Welcome Back Race Fans!

Just a short commentary this evening as I’m watching the Sens kick Jersey’s ass.

Nothing like sandy, life-sucking July conditions in Limerick for the first race of the season. Some looked fatigued as they came across t ... read more

Tue May 27/03 Limerick 2 Laps - 20km
Mon Jun 2/03 Limerick Forest 1 Lap - 10 km Time Trial
Tue Jun 10/03 Mac Mills 6 Laps - 15km
Mon Jun 16/03 Limerick Forest 2 Laps - 22km Night Race
Mind the cattle corpses!
Tue Jun 24/03 Mac Mills 7 Laps - 17.5km
Race Fans,

Great turnout and a great race!

I've posted the laptimes for peoples interest since I had time (I'm stuck in a training class in Sarsville!) Some changes on the podium with Andy holding off Mark for 3'rd. Pretty soon Mark will be ... read more

Sun Jun 29/03 Limerick Forest Enduro - 3 Hours of Limerick
Race starts at 8:30am and goes for 3 hours.
Tue Jul 1/03 Mac Mills 8 Laps - 20km Tag Team
Tue Jul 8/03 Mac Mills 7 Laps - 17.5km (Clockwise)
Tue Jul 15/03 Limerick Forest 3 Laps - 30km (Counter)
Race Fans,

I'll update the results Thursday night when I get home. The results page is there.

There was a lot of attrition during this race. On the 1'st lap Paully pissed off the L.A.B. and got his derailleur torn off while Peter Sr.'s did ... read more

Mon Jul 21/03 Limerick Forest 2 Laps - 20km
What a wet race!

Rick wanted to make sure that the commentary captured the fact that he passed Pete "like he was standing still" and that the points leader couldn't catch him! (The fact that his tire had rolled off the rim was not deemed to be a cr ... read more

Tue Jul 22/03 Mac Mills 7 Laps - 17.5km
Race Fans,

Nothing like riding 7 laps the hard way after a 20km wet ride last night. With the turnout lower than normal a lot of people scored some big points in the Championship.

"Spidey" & "Hammer" Mills were racin' like it actually meant s ... read more

Mon Jul 28/03 Mac Mills 6 Laps - 15km Night Race
Hey Race Fans,

What an interesting evening!

We had the series leader go out, while leading on the 3'rd lap, with a broken derailleur (that was on it's first ride). This is after breaking one at the appropriately named Dagmar Derailleur Destro ... read more

Tue Aug 5/03 Mac Mills 6 Laps - 20km
Mon Aug 11/03 Limerick Forest 3 Laps - 30km
What a fun last race for the 2003 Endo MTB Race Series!!

30km's of fast paced fun for the whole family. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me!! Two thumbs up!- Bob (Prescott Journal)

I don't know about the rest of you but I really did h ... read more

Sat Aug 16/03 Hardwood Hills 24 Hours of Adrenalin
Copy of lap times for 2003 Race |----------+----------+----------| | | | | | Steve | 1:21 | | | | | | |----------+----------+----------| | | | | | Pete ... read more