Prix de White Lightning - 2004 race schedule

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Schedule last updated April 25/17 - 6:26 PM

Date Location Details
Tue May 18/04 Limerick Forest 2 Laps - 20km (Tues)
Tue May 25/04 Limerick Forest 2 Laps - 20km (Tues)
Note changed location due to weather!
Mon May 31/04 Macintosh Mills 6 Lap - 15 km - (Mon)
I switched the location around due to weather! Note the race is on Monday night!
Tue Jun 8/04 Mac Mills 7 Laps - 17.5km (Tues)
Mon Jun 14/04 Limerick Forest 2 Laps - 20km (Mon) Night Race (8:30pm)
Hey Race Fans, Just posted the results for last nights race. Great turnout again! 18 racers including Ottawa's own Wai-Ben Wong. I hope you had a good time Wai-Ben (well other than those damn stumps you insisted on trying to knock out of the grou ... read more
Tue Jun 22/04 Mac Mills 7 Laps - 17.5km (Tues)
Tue Jun 29/04 Limerick Quarry Short Track Four Cross - 3 Laps (Tues)

4 riders will race in heats with the top two advancing. 3 Laps around the 400m Quarry course.


What a fun race format!!

I don't know about everyone else but I thought that was one of the most fun races I've been i ... read more

Mon Jul 5/04 Limerick Forest 1 Laps - 10km (Mon) - Finals for 4X
Race Results;

A fun race after a bit of a rough start!

I think Petey has been watching too much Tour De France with that fancy face plant at the beginning of the race. Thankfully he and Pierre were relatively OK and could complete ... read more
Tue Jul 13/04 Mac Mills 4 Laps - 12?km (Tues)
Included the new singletrack so times are slower. Hey Race Fans, Thanks to my sexy Assistant Race Director (she mountain bikes & can type...sweeeeet!) the results from Mac Mills have been posted. Great to see a couple of K-town boys out. Great r ... read more
Mon Jul 19/04 Limerick Forest 2 Laps - 20km (Mon)
Race Fans,

Results now posted.

Just like Lance is going to do to Voeckler today, that damn Petey has taken away my 'Maillot Jaune' in the Overall Series Standings. By a single point he put himself back in top position. (Fritz: You should h ... read more

Tue Jul 20/04 Mac Mills 5 Laps - 12.5?km (Tues) Clockwise
2'nd night of Doubleheader
Mon Jul 26/04 Mac Mills 5 Laps - 14km (Mon) Night Race

Sparsely attended race tonite. I guess the Joe Schmo show was on?

Anyhow, that let a lot of racers to get some high points paying positions.

The new ST was even more fun at night! Thanks to Peter, Doug and RDB we modified the ... read more

Tue Aug 3/04 Limerick Forest 3 Laps - 30km (Tues)
Race Fans,

Perfect conditions at the Forest last night for the 30 km Enduro. I think that was the fastest Limerick has ever been for a race that I can remember. By the 3'rd lap the line was packed down and you could just hammer on the berms and ... read more

Mon Aug 9/04 Mac Mills 6 Laps - 17km (Mon)
The Gates family is at Gatineau Park camping & mountain biking this week. I'll leave the Race Series in someone else's (in)competent hands.

Cheers, Bobby G

Mon Aug 16/04 Limerick Quarry Four-Cross Championships
Back by popular demand!! Four-Cross racing at the Quarry! Same format as the last 4X race. Separate heats with run-offs to the different gategory Championships. RDB