Prix de White Lightning - 2006 race schedule

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Schedule last updated April 25/17 - 6:26 PM

Date Location Details
Mon May 8/06 Limerick - High School Race Course 4 laps - 17.6 km 6:00 pm
Race Fans, What a great turnout for the first ENDO race of the season!! We had 25 racers ranging in age from 13 to the nearly fossilized! (who shall remain nameless) Mark put a hurtin' on the the older lads in the first test of the newly configured ... read more
Mon May 15/06 Limerick - High School Course 4 Laps - 17.6km 6:00pm
We'll keep it to 4 laps this week - an hour's good !
Fri May 19/06 HIGH SCHOOL RACE - Limerick 2'nd Annual - Volunteers Needed on race day...7:00
Endo is organizing a race for high school students. This race is not part of the regular 'Endo Race Series' SUBJECT: Official Press Release : High School MTB Race 2006 information is now available on the website http://www.sgdhs.ca/bikerace/info.h ... read more
Tue May 23/06 Limerick - Clockwise TUESDAY! 2 Laps - 20km 6:00pm TUESDAY!
Tue May 30/06 Macintosh Mills - Triangle Ski Club - Counter-Cloc 4Laps - 12km 6:00pm
Bloody Hot tonite!! Congrats to all of you that came out to race in 100 degree weather. Lots of close racing tonite with 6'th thru 10'th separated by only a minute! Heard rumours there was some agricultural racin' as the trail got narrowed for some r ... read more
Tue Jun 6/06 Mac Mills - Clockwise 4 Laps - 12km 6:00pm
Mon Jun 12/06 Limerick - Night Race (7:30pm) 4 Laps - High School Course !
What a great night race at the Pit tonite!

We had a record number of night racers (16) and some of the closest racing we've seen all year. Two finishes in particular were close enough that Jane (CHRIS's mom!), with her hundredth of a second timing, ... read more

Tue Jun 20/06 Mac Mills - Counter Clockwise 4 Laps - 12km 6:00pm
Race Fans,

Chris got screwed for second place! He led Gilles by 20, 30 and 45 seconds respectively on the opening laps only to have his chain fall off on the final sprint home!

He ended up having to stop on the fire road to put it back on whi ... read more

Mon Jun 26/06 Limerick - Counter Clockwise 2 Laps -20km 6:00pm
Tue Jun 27/06 'Secret Location' Race TBD 6:00pm
The race location will be announced closer to race date.
Tue Jul 4/06 Mac Mills - Clockwise 4Laps - 12km 6:00pm
Mon Jul 10/06 Limerick - Clockwise 2 Laps - 20km 6:00pm
Tue Jul 18/06 Mac Mills - Counter Clockwise 5 Laps - 15km 6:00pm
Mon Jul 24/06 Limerick - 4 Cross Short Track Championship see below 6:00pm
The 4 Cross race pits groups of 4 riders in an elimination round competition. After each round, the top 2 riders advance to the 'A' final and the bottom 2 to the 'Consolation' round.

The course is about 200 metres in length in a gravel pit. Ride th ... read more

Sun Jul 30/06 Limerick - Weekend Endurance Race (1:00pm) 4 Laps - 40km
Something new for this year! A 40km race that will test your physical & mental stamina!
Tue Aug 1/06 Mac Mills - Clockwise 5 Laps - 15km 6;00pm
A bit of the sadist in me coming out! After the weekend Endurance Race, 6 laps of Mac Mills... oh my legs hurt already....
Tue Aug 8/06 Mac Mills - Counter Clockwise 5 Laps - 15km 6:00pm
Mon Aug 14/06 Limerick - Night Race (7:30pm) 2 Laps - 20km
Bring your lights
Sat Aug 19/06 24 Relay - Hot August Nights - Albion Hills This is the 24 hour race relay an Endo team usuall
Tue Aug 22/06 'Secret Location' Race TBD 6:00pm
Location, timing & length to be determined closer to the date.
Tue Aug 29/06 Lyn Trails Race TBD 6:00pm
I'm going to see if we can map out a race course through the Lyn Trails. More to come