Prix de White Lightning - 2007 race schedule

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Schedule last updated April 25/17 - 6:26 PM

Date Location Details
Mon May 7/07 Limerick HSC 4 Laps 16km
Huge turnout for the first race of 2007! 28 racers by my count.

For those joining the ENDO series for the first time ...welcome! Hope you had fun and just to let you know, those were very difficult conditions last night. Normally the course is n ... read more

Mon May 14/07 Limerick HSC 5 Laps 20km
Hey Race Fans,

I've posted the results from last nights cruel Sahara Shuffle! Makes one want to buy a motocross bike.

Another great turnout with 26 racers taking part. Lots of new faces out. Welcome!

Had some good sprints for position ... read more

Fri May 18/07 Limerick 2007 High School Race
Volunteers needed to help with this event. Contact Pete Meier
Tue May 22/07 Limerick - clockwise 2 Laps 20km
A good night for racing the Limerick Long Course.

Course was pretty firm still so made for some quick times. Mark continues to put the hurt on the rest of us (as he should!).

Dustin, myself and Paul had a good tussle for most of the race. By t ... read more

Tue May 29/07 Mac Mills - counter clockwise 5 Laps 15km
Race Fans,

A tough race tonite at Mac Mills. Maybe the fact there are hills on it makes a difference? Course felt slow with the rain, but was in excellent shape thanks to Matt & Gilles who cleaned it up on the weekend.

A little less participat ... read more

Tue Jun 5/07 Limerick - clockwise 2 Laps 20km
Rain Race Fans,

Due to the rain over the past few days we moved the race to Limerick. Even with the rain, we had 12 hardy souls come out to take advantage of excellent hard pack conditions.

Taking advantage of the conditions and coming home wi ... read more

Mon Jun 11/07 Limerick night race 7:30pm 2 Laps 20km
Race Fans,

A fun 'night' race at Limerick. Might have to look at starting at 8:00 to make sure we get some darkness.

Another great sprint by Gilles crushed Dustin & I on the fireroad for his second consecutive victory. I think this 'going e ... read more

Tue Jun 19/07 Mac Mills - counter 6 Laps 18km
Sun Jun 24/07 Albion Hills Summer Solstice 24 Hr Team Race
Endo group is racing at this event.
Mon Jun 25/07 Limerick -counter 2 Laps 20km
A hot one in the forest tonite with temps hitting 40+. Didn't stop the hard core guys and gals from coming out though.

The start was a little slow (except Paully) with Gilles, Dustin, Ricky, Strasser & me sticking together for the first bit. Then ... read more

Tue Jul 3/07 Mac Mills - Counter-clockwise 5 Laps 15Km
Results from last night's race posted.

Petey returned to get a victory, although Gilles gave him a bit of a run for about 3 laps. Funny how Gilles looked like he was sweating when he came around though?

Looks like I have to race at some ... read more

Mon Jul 9/07 Limerick -clockwise 2 Laps 20km
Very hot & humid for the race. Even the poor dog couldn't finish his laps!

Perfect conditions (especially on the 2'nd lap) with enough rain to make the berms firm and the race course packed down.

Gilles must have felt sorry for me with my bro ... read more

Tue Jul 17/07 Mac Mills clockwise 5 Laps 15km
Race Fans,

Results from Tuesday's Mac Mills race posted.

As long as Baz insists on hitting every rock, tree or log on the course, I still have a chance to win. That and Markus suffering a LAB attack to his derailleur (maybe it latched onto ... read more

Mon Jul 23/07 Limerick 4X Pit 4 Cross race
Championship Mark 5+6+12=23 Dustin 5+5+10=20 Rob 4+4+8=16 Chris 5+2+6=13 Ricky 4+3+2=9 Derek 3+1+4=8 Consolation Parker 5+10=15 Rob S 3+8=11 Raymond 3+6=9 Kids Chris 5+5=10 Drew 4+4=8 Colin 3+3=6
Sun Jul 29/07 Limerick Weekend Race Weekend Enduro 4 Laps 40km
Endurance race just for fun.
Tue Jul 31/07 Mac Mills -counter-clockwise 6 laps 18km
6 Laps the hard way! What a hard race tonite. Don't know if was the humidity but I felt like I was dying out there. Thanks to Derek for timing, although it was because he flatted on the first lap. Bummer. Should have been like Ricky and flatted the la ... read more
Tue Aug 7/07 Mac Mills Clockwise 6Laps 18km
Very humid night for racing! Welcome to Tina, Tamara & Scott for an MTB ride.
Mon Aug 13/07 Limerick Night Race 2 Laps 20km 7:30pm
no race.
Sat Aug 18/07 Albion Hills Hot August Nights 24 Hour Team Race
Tue Aug 21/07 Mac Mills - Counter 6 Laps 18km
Final race of the season..