Prix de White Lightning - 2009 race schedule

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Schedule last updated April 25/17 - 6:26 PM

Date Location Details
Tue May 5/09 Limerick 4 laps 16km
First race of the season!
Tue May 12/09 Limerick 5 laps 20km
Fri May 15/09 Limerick High School MTB Race
The 5'th Annual High School Mountain Bike Race. Tell your friends and come out to help your school win the coveted trophy! Volunteers needed. Contact Peter Meier
Tue May 19/09 Limerick 2laps 20km - clockwise
Tue May 26/09 Macintosh Mills 4 laps 12km - counter clockwise
Tue Jun 2/09 Mac Mills 4 laps 12 km clockwise
Tue Jun 9/09 Limerick 2 laps 20km clockwise Night Race
Night race - bring lights!
Tue Jun 16/09 Mac Mills 5 laps 15km - counter
Tue Jun 23/09 Limerick 2 laps 20km counter
Tue Jun 30/09 Mac Mills 5 laps 15km clockwise
Tue Jul 7/09 Limerick 2 laps 20km clockwise
Tue Jul 14/09 Mac Mills 6 laps 18km -counter
Tue Jul 21/09 Limerick 2 laps 20km counter
Tue Jul 28/09 Mac Mills 6 laps 18 kms - clockwise
Tue Aug 4/09 Mac Mills 7 laps 21 km counter
Only half points as race was stopped due to lightning
Tue Aug 11/09 Limerick 2 laps 20km - Night Race
Bring your lights
Sat Aug 22/09 Albion Hills Hot August Nights 24Hr race
Our annual race destination