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Steven Alexander
  (Kingston - 20-Aug-03)
546-8562 (h) (h)
533-6563 (w) (w)
steve.alexander@gmail.com (h)  
Least - why would you hate riding your bike?
Most - anytime I see that kool-aid smile on skinkles face
Carrie Alexander
  (Kingston - 20-Aug-03)
546-8562 (h)  
Most - Any trail that flows and doesn't go up hill.
Dr. Steven Basiren
  (Brockville - )
498-0717 (h)
498-2249 (w)
basiren@ripnet.com (h)
dcbasiren@ripnet.com (w)  
Mike Beamish
  (Brockville - 23-Mar-06)
3456680 (h) mikedbeamish@hotmail.com (h)  
Alain Bilodeau
  (Kingston - 19-Jul-07)
(613)-634-8335 (h) bildoeaujya@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - One that has been eradicated by devellopers
Most - Kanata Lakes. Something for everyone. Brocktel close second
Raymond Blimkie
  (Brockville - 15-Jan-06)
348-1335 (h) blimkie@xplornet.com (h)  
Least - Havn't been on one
Most - Patapasco state park, Maryland
Christopher Bolte
  (Brockville - )
498-4852 (h) christopher.bolte@sympatico.ca (h)  
Least - the railway vibration express
Most - any part with cliffs I haven't cleaned yet
Bill Bolton
  (Frankville - )
613-275-1071 (h) wcj@ripnet.com (h)  
Alex Brown
  (Brockville - 02-Sep-03)
514 594-9683 (h)
613 341-3802 (w)
Least - only know one trail
Most - the one I know
Rob Campbell
  (Ottawa - 30-May-02)
(613) xxx-xxxx (h)
(613) xxx-xxxx (w)
rpmrob@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - rabid squirrel ambush zones...very nasty
Most - quad-burning, lung-tossing, "why the &*$@! am I doing this?" climbs...still very nasty, but for some reason I get a kick out of it.
Clint Chamberlain
  (Tincap - 28-Oct-12)
905-373-5017 (h) clint.g.chamberlain@live.com (h)  
Least - I am new to the sport and new to the area. I just bought myself a Kona NUNU 26" with the help of a friend that is big into the sport so I will be looking too the people in the club for help in all areas. just send me a e-mail.
Ann Chapman
  (Lyn - 07-Aug-02)
613-342-1734 (h)
613-547-1823 (w)
ann.chapman@moh.gov.on.ca (w)  
Paul Choquette
  (London - 30-Dec-02)
xxx-xxxx (h)
xxx-xxxx (w)
pandk.choquette@sympatico.ca (h)
paul.choquette@casco.ca (w)  
Steve Cloke
  (Brockville - 03-Jun-10)
613-345-1863 (h) steve_cloke@hotmail.com (h)  
Trever Cook
  (Brockville - 12-Dec-99)
342-9431 (h)  
Robert Cooper
  (Brockville - 22-Apr-09)
613-342-6268 (h)
xxx-xxxx (w)
Darin Cosgrove
  (Brockville - )
345-2010 (h) darin@newpublishing.com (h)  
Least - the kidney-killing field just before the cemetery
Most - the technical bit down & back to Basin Lake (Blue Mtn)
Jeff Cote
  (ottawa - 09-May-06)
2771652 (h) jac02000@yahoo.com (h)  
Least - -- deep stink'n mud that gets in me shorts!
Most - -- single track... give me single track and I move. The wider the track the slower I go. I love single track. Dig it!
Jason Crate
  (Brockville - 24-May-05)
342-7023 (h) na@becauseinevercheckit.com (h)  
Least - I dont like trails with lots of water bad for the gears.
Most - Gracious singletrack. I ride mostly B&D when I want a technical ride, and Mac Johnson when im in the mood for speed. Looking for ridemates who want to get outta town though.
Eric Daggett
  (Brockville - 25-Apr-00)
342-9172 (h) fast_bastard@mountainbike.com (h)  
Steven Davis
  (Brockville - 05-Jul-11)
613-865-7941 (h)
613-345-2623 (w)
daemongrad@msn.com (h)  
Least - The bit where you walk/crawl out b/c something important breaks.
Most - Brocktel at nite with 3 lights, single track to "STD" drop... I think I was the first to do it in the dark.. honestly, my friend Dan was right there with me.
Peter de Bruyn
  (Brockville - 20-Jun-04)
342-8210 (h) mdebruyn3@cogeco.ca (h)  
Least - any trail with mud!!!
Most - Blue Mountain coming down from the top!
Scott Dejong
  (Algonquin - 12-Jul-11)
(613)-926-2561 (h)  
Jean-Francois Dezainde
  (Brockville - 05-Sep-01)
613-345-5541 (h)
613- 348-4307 (w)
Least - Anything lined with rasberry bushes, and avoiding wild animals especially at unposted deer crossings! Hello! My name is Jean-Francois and... I'm a victim of Pierre Pressure!
Most - Its all good....Ok ! not ...The wet stuff!
Gilles Durepos
  (Brockville - 06-Jul-04)
(613) 340-6366 (h) grdurepos@gmail.com (w)  
Least - Jump Trail at Brocktel - reminds me of Disney World
Most - anything too slick to ride
Joe Elliott
  (Ottawa - 15-Oct-03)
866-2665 (h) joe@mtbkanata.com (h)  
Least - Anything with a climb.. I hate climbing
Most - Something going straight down.. maybe with a huck at the end :)
Mark Ferron
  (Brockville - 04-Nov-10)
613 484 1147 (h) ferron.mark@gmail.com (h)  
Bill Flikweert
  (Maitland - 21-May-02)
613 348 1475 (h) bflikweert@sympatico.ca (h)  
Least - rocks and stumps that seem to come out of nowhere just when you think you've got that section in the bag.
Most - fast winding singletrack that goes on forever!
Andrew Gaskin
  (Brockville - 28-May-06)
345-4828 (h) andrewgaskin@sympatico.ca (h)  
Robert (Stinkybob) Gates
  (RR#1Brockville - )
(613) 345-5443 (h) robgates@xplornet.com (h)  
Least - Falling off Vlad the Impaler into the creek. (Another Fav - making Vlad!)
Most - Jumping in Basin Lake after riding down Blue Mountain. (Especially when everyone else is nekkid too!!)Yeah, that's my favourite part!!!
Shani (Warrior Princess) Gates
  (RR#1 Brockville - 25-Jul-03)
(613) 345-5443 (h) robgates@xplornet.com (h)
shani.gates@healthunit.org (w)  
Rob Glazier
  (brockvile - 11-Oct-04)
1613-342-9511 (h) robertglazier2@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - worst part... i would have to say any four wheeler trail, i hate the ruts, but i will ride any single track
Most - gotta be the ikea bit in the linn trails or the log in B@D
David Greenberg
  (Kemptville - 10-Jun-03)
258-0378 (h)
266-3582 (w)
smurf@gto.net (h)  
Least - Having my shins gouged out by my metal pedals.
Most - Bombing it down crazy fast hill!
Andrew Haggith
  (Brockville - 01-Aug-03)
3418663 (h)  
Least - Long technical uphills
Most - Long and technical down hill's
Jason Hare
  (spencerville - 11-May-02)
658-3379 (h) freshroe@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - those freakin' stumps.
Most - down, down, down!
Mark Harrison
  (Brockville - 03-Oct-05)
498 3244 (h)  
Least - up
Most - down and off
Roger Hawksby
  (BROCKVILLE - 16-Nov-00)
1-613-498-3920 (h)  
Most - Being new to this sport,I rely on you guys showing me some good ones.
keith hetherington
  (brockville - 15-Nov-12)
6132138803 (h) keith_hether@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - atv trails
Greg (Green Hornet) Holowack
  (Brockville - 20-Jan-05)
345-7064 (h) T_Dot_4@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - \Bottom of Skyline at Camp Fortune.
Most - Front side of Bromont and anything with technical uphills.
Michael Holowack
  (Brockville - 02-Feb-01)
345-7064 (h) michael.holowack@sympatico.ca (h)  
Greg Holowack
  (Brockville - 27-May-04)
345-7064 (h) T_Dot_4@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - Penguin
Most - 6.9 Trail at Camp Fortune. Tons of fun.
Michael Hum
  (Brockville/Whistler - 18-Oct-10)
613-340-0521 (h) mtahum@yahoo.com (h)  
Least - Trails and stunts that don't work or flow.
Most - Bike resorts trails A-line, Dirt Merchant, Ninja Cougar in Whistler, Pipedream & Blast Off at Silver Star. Anything fast and flowy in Kamloops & Limerick, any trail in Williams Lake BC.
Lisa Hunt
  (Brockville - 01-May-08)
613-340-6144 (h) lisadhunt21@gmail.com (h)  
Robert Hutchison
  (Orleans - 26-Oct-04)
1 (h)
1 (w)
roberthutc@gmail.com (h)  
Least - Stopping!
Most - The part between the start and the finish.
Vince Johns
  (Brockville - 25-Oct-10)
613-345-6229 (h)
613-802-4488 (w)
vljohns@cogeco.ca (h)  
Al Jonker
  (Brockville - 04-Apr-10)
613 345 7112 (h) (h)
613 342 4102 (w) (w)
jonkerfamily@bell.net (h)  
Linda Jonker
  (Brockville - 14-Apr-12)
613 345 7112 (h) jonkerfamily@bell.net (h)  
Matt Keyes
  (Ottawa - 21-Sep-09)
333-333-3333 (h)  
Least - Anything with pavement
Most - Forplay and the #9 in Gatineau Park.
Peter Kupka
  (Maitland - )
348-3653 (h)
pkupka@myhighspeed.ca (h)  
Least - Any trail with a lot of mud on it. This year there aren't any.
Most - The top of Blue Mountain, up and down.
Robert Kwakernaak
  (Penticton, BC - 06-Jun-04)
250-497-2009 (h)
866-892-7255 (w)
robert_kwakernaak@Pall.Com (w)  
Least - Road
Most - Blue Mountain
Kevin Lamacraft
  (Athens - )
924-9545 (h)
925-4221 (w)
lamacraft@cybertap.com (h)  
Least - I like them all, except maybe Mini-wheat hill!
alex lavigne
  (north augusta - 27-Mar-06)
926-2787 (h) wr_12_alex2hotmail.com (h)  
Gord Law
  (Elizabethtown - 30-Aug-04)
(613) xxx-xxxx (h)
(613) xxx-xxxx (w)
law@elmediaworks.com (h)  
Claire Lefrancois
  (Cochrane, AB - 26-Oct-11)
403-932-1161 (h) mattandclaire@telus.net (h)  
Claire Lefrancois
  (Brockville - 17-May-02)
613-342-9364 (h)  
Ivan Limburg
  (Brockville - 12-Aug-01)
498-3266 (h) ivan@kroon.ca (h)  
Least - Any trail that I have accidents on. Like the one where I almost lost my tooth, or the one with the tree I hit.
Most - Any trail I haven't hurt my self on.
Bruce Lounsbury
  (Brockville - 12-Oct-00)
342-5665 (h)
498-1876 ext 30 (w)
bruce.lounsbury@gmail.com (h)  
Least - First time up blue mountain on my first day with clipless pedals - dumb; giving in to Pierre-pressure!
Most - Trail #2 at Tremblant - uphill or downhill - its still great! TONIGHT: TEQUILLA; TOMMORROW, WE RIDE!
Doug Lumsden
  (Maitland - 12-Aug-06)
613-348-1429 (h) dlumsden@ripnet.com (h)  
Warren MacDonald
  (Nepean - 13-Nov-02)
613-298-6339 (h)
613-739-2919 ext 455 (w)
wgmacd@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - my least favourite trail bit, when I had a great crash on the now termed Jugular in Kanata Lakes. it wasn't pretty, but I survived.
Most - anything thats fast technical, and you can race or enjoy alone or in the group rides. also new trails, welcome
Adam MacGregor
  (Brockville - 08-Jun-00)
(613) 498-0658 (h)
(613) 342-1377 (w)
adam@compu-silv.com (h)  
Least - That 30 foot cliff I fell off of. (OK, so technically it probably isn't -part- of the trail)
Most - Anything fast, rocky and down hill.
Wayne MacPherson
  (Brockville - 23-May-06)
342-4843 (h)
348-4262 (w)
wmac@sympatico.ca (h)  
Least - Muck deeper than 1 "
Most - All of limerick, 90% of Brocktel, all of Mac Johnston, Kanata Lakes - 2006 discoveries
Pascale Marceau
  (Kemptville - 02-Jan-01)
258-4379 (h) pmarceau@plascoenergygroup.com (w)  
Most - Joining you guys for skiing. I'll see about the biking in the spring!
Bobby McCabe
  (Brockville - 12-Aug-13)
613-345-6994 (h) mccabery@cogeco.ca (h)
bob.mccabe@opg.com (w)  
Mark McCurdy
  (Brockville - 12-Jul-00)
(514) 747-2796 (h) thespeedphreak@yahoo.ca (h)  
Rick McEachran
  (Kingston - 31-May-03)
(613) 549-5268 (h) rmceachran@cogeco.ca (h)  
Least - Never ridden in Brockville........YET!, I'm sure I will be leavin skin behind somewhere's there!
Greg McElrea
  (Brockville - 10-Aug-04)
345 - 0909 (h) rtekamp@ripnet.com (h)
mcelreag@yahoo.ca (w)  
Least - Falling on stuff I should be able to ride.
Most - Making it over stuff I shouldn't be able to ride.
Fritz McKellar
  (North Gower - 30-Apr-02)
613-489-1297 (h)
613-722-4218 x223 (w)
mckellar@cyberus.ca (h)
fmckellar@amtech.ca (w)  
Least - Wooded section where there's spider webs crossing the trail.
Most - Anywhere where I'm in the perfect place to watch a biking buddy participate in an 'involuntary dismount'
Scott McNamee
  (Brockville - 17-Oct-02)
341-8988(hm) (h)
345-5574(wk) (w)
gearjunkiescott@hotmail.com (h)  
Alan Medcalf
  (Brockville - 09-Nov-08)
(613) 704-1131 (h) alan@brockvillecycles.ca (h)  
Least - that bit with the trucks, parked cars and dog-walkers with iPods.
Most - that early-morning countryside cruise with hot coffee and freshly-baked muffins at the end.
Peter Meier
  (Brockville - 06-Jun-00)
341-9116 (h)
348-3611 x2264 (w)
refuel@sympatico.ca (h)
Peter.A.Meier@invista.com (w)  
Least - anything that scars me or my bike : skeeters, mud, raspberries.
Most - Fast windy stuff! Burnouts are fun. I like riding here, there any time, or any place (until I bonk) ;)
Paul Meier
  (Kelowna - )
xxx-xxxx (h) paulmeier83@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - The (yawn) paved roads.
Most - The fast singletrack @ Lyn Road & Chemical Road intersection.
Becky Meier
  (Brockville - 24-Sep-01)
613-341-9116 (h) rebecca.meier@sympatico.ca (h)  
Least - The rock in brock trail that bit me.
Most - Riding down Tremblant...yawhoooo!!!
Jan Mills
  (Iroquois - 22-Jul-02)
657-3650 (h)
652-3019 (w)
Least - Lost in Limerick.
Most - Short, steep technical climbs.
Luc Mimeault
  (Brockville - 15-May-07)
613-345-0084 (h) luc.mimeault@gmail.com (h)  
Least - CBC Fire road at Camp Fortune, Paved stuff.
Most - Anything fast and flowing.
matt (m&m) mullen
  (spencervill - 23-Apr-06)
658-5392 (h)  
Least - any trails that 4 weallers dug up
Most - the one im bilding
Andres Onu
  (Ottawa - 14-Nov-07)
613-246-4171 (h) andres.onu@gmail.com (h)  
Least - Up hill
Most - Down hill
Gavin Osborne
  (Brockville - 03-Apr-12)
5199949823 (h)
5199949823 (w)
gavinosborne@hotmail.com (h)
gavinosborne@hotmail.com (w)  
jesse paddle
  (Brockvegas - 09-Mar-05)
803-1987 (h) fluid3nor@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - anything that hurts my poor bikes
Most - the riding parts
John Park
  (Brockville - 02-Oct-02)
342-6754 (h)
340-0048 (w)
john166@sympatico.ca (h)  
Least - The downhill with too many raspberry canes.
Most - Everywhere, anytime I have time to ride.
John Park
  (Brockville - 04-Apr-08)
613 342-6754 (h) jpark@mleequipment.com (w)  
Dustin Payne
  (Maitland - 02-Jul-05)
340-5176 (h)
341-6086 (w)
dpayne16@cogeco.ca (h)  
Least - Long, gradual uphills that burn my lungs and quads. Mud-filled 4-wheeler trenches also suck.
Most - Steep, technical downhills with the occasional drop included.
Max Pelletier
  (Gatineau - 05-May-07)
819-931-3824 h (h) max_pelletier101@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - Pushing my bike up steep hills that I cant climb.
Most - The big teeter-toter, wheelie drops, berms, jumps + downhill.
Mike Plata
  (Kingston - )
???-???? (h)
???-???? (w)
cheeseplata@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - Any corner with tree roots on it, especially after it rains..
Most - The high speed run through Lynn Pit. The single track west of Lynn Road.
wade rayvals
  (prescott - 27-Mar-06)
925-1142 (h)
xxx xxxx (w)
birbman112989@hotmail.com (h)
xxxxxxxx (w)  
Least - the muddy crap
Most - dh single track
wade rayvals
  (prescott - 13-Jun-06)
925-1142 (h)
925-5903 (w)
birdman112989@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - flatland
Most - downhill flow stuff
Matt Sakowsky
  (Cochrane, AB - )
403-932-1161 (h)
403-470-7187 (w)
matt_sakowsky@tcturbines.com (w)  
Least - The hike a bike on Race of Spades at Moose Mountain. Ask Pete - it sucks.
Most - S.H.A.F.T. at Moose Mountain near Bragg Creek, AB - come visit, I will show you!
Melissa Salas
  (Brockville - 29-Sep-07)
345-9592 ext 1385 (w) (h) meli_salas@hotmail.com (h)  
Rob Sawyer
  (Kanata - 04-Dec-02)
613 271 4264 (h)
613 254 3973 (w)
wogmonster@sympatico.ca (h)
rsawyer@cisco.com (w)  
Least - ...one trail in Kanata were a corpulent and cantankerous Porcupine stakes a claim - He's gotta' have anger management issues or is one of those rabid anti-MTB'ers.
Most - The whole kaboodle, day or night, clear skies or rain.
Glenn Schroeder
  (Brockville - 07-Jul-03)
613-342-4078 (h) mtb@ripnet.com (h)  
Least - Depends on the blood count... ;)
Most - Technical, technical, miles of single track, rocks, roots...did I mention technical?
Craig Schultz
  (Vancouver - 26-Apr-02)
(604) 267-1041 (h) schulcb@hotmail.com (h)  
brad sharron
  (b-ville - 24-Apr-09)
613-345-2110 (h)
613-340-3853 (w)
brockdent@on.aibn.com (w)  
Least - snything I cant do
Most - love walking my bike up the steep sandy uphill bit at Limerick...oh yeah!
Joel Simpson
  (Brockville - )
498-1124 (h)
342-1403 (w)
Least - The trail at the three corners of lyn road and chemical road. I hate climing up the hill in the open field.
Most - The new trail thats on the south single track. I like it because it has tight turns and it has really good scenery.
Rick Simpson
  (Brockville - )
802-1459 (h)
342-1403 (w)
jssimpsonwelding@cogeco.net (w)  
Least - I dont have a LEAST favourite trail.
Most - McIntosh Mills 2.5km (ride laps)
Brodie Somerville
  (rr#1,Prescott & Brockville - 19-Apr-05)
925-3231 (h)
348-4357 (w)
jrobmel@aol.com,broder_465@hotmail.com (h)  
Bill Southwood
  (Cardinal - 02-Feb-17)
6133403750 (h) jawaguy35@gmail.com (h)  
Least - Rock gardens
Most - Flowing single track
Lesley Spurrell
  (Ottawa - 13-May-08)
498-1422 (h) lesley.spurrell@gmail.com (h)  
Todd Stakenvicius
  (Kelowna, BC - 05-Oct-01)
xxx-xxxx (h)
xxx-xxxx (w)
blackwaterperspective@yahoo.ca (h)  
Least - The stump I taco'd my tire on in nirvana
Most - The cliffs by the 401...
Gilles St-Aubin
  (Brockville - 05-Apr-00)
924-9938 (H) (h)
348-3611 x2532 (W) (w)
gilles.v.st-aubin@invista.com (w)  
Chris Stoddart
  (B-ville - 06-Aug-09)
498 - 0625 (h) tocoach@sympatico.ca (h)  
Chris Strasser
  (Brockville - 22-Sep-99)
345-4596 (h)
342-5126 (w)
cstrasser11@gmail.com (h)  
Least - none .. I'm Riding how bad can it be
Most - Blue mountain ..........all of it
Rob Taylor
  (Brockville - 04-Oct-05)
3451447 (h) p-m_i2200@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - the bad days where u spend more time over the bars then in the saddle face plants that occure without warning
Most - the hucks technical sections clibs and decents ... i liek it all
Rob Taylor
  (Brockville - 03-Jun-05)
3451447 (h) there_is_no_spoon@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - thorns and flat tires crank sprockets in my leg
Most - drops and rocks and burning climbs
Krystal Taylor
  (Brockville - 13-Jun-06)
613-345-6883 (h) kltaylor22@yahoo.ca (h)  
Mark Tenbult
  (Kemptville - 10-Jun-03)
258-3329 (h)
258-4246 (w)
markus_123t@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - Falling onto sharp jagged rocks and bleeding immensely.
Most - Fast winding singletrack.
test fn test ln
  (test live - 25-Jun-13)
none hp (h) none he (h)
none we (w)  
Least - least
Most - most
Kellie Tierney
  (Spencerville - 16-Jun-02)
925-3412 (h) kelliemae@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - The ones that swallow me whole....wait so far that seems to be the majority of them!
Most - UMMMM I'll let you know when I find it.....I will find it, right??
Jonathan Trépanier
  (Embrun - 30-Jul-06)
613-686-6031 (h) jontre@sympatico.ca (h)  
Least - A loose hill that I can't climb
Most - any hill, once i have made it to the top
Dave Tutt
  (Brockville - 24-Jan-02)
xxx (h) phantomfreak@sympatico.ca (h)  
Least - ice & rocks
Most - snow & dirt
Steve Vanderkloet
  (Athens - 19-Sep-04)
(613)924-2955 (h)
(613)345-1461 (w)
dutchy29@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - Hitting a would be puddle on the east side climb up Brocktel trail, to find out its a 3foot drop from a 4x4 rut.
Most - the ride down any trail at Brocktel.
Ingrid Vandermeer
  (Brockville - 09-May-02)
613 498-1838 (h) ivandermeer@cogeco.ca (h)  
Peter Verheyden
  (Kanata - 12-Jan-09)
613 277 9891 (h) peter_v@rogers.com (h)  
Least - Keeping up with no one, Muddy Trails
Most - Keeping up with everyone, Making and fixing Trails
Chris Wardle
  (Brockville - 29-Jun-03)
342-1667 (h) (h)
342-2518 (w) (w)
fac@ca.inter.net (h)  
Least - there's such a thing as a bad trail?
Most - behind Brocktel..... all of it, even if I don't do it well, yet.
Shaun Wardle
  (Brockville - 06-Mar-08)
613-342-1667 (h) ShaunWardle@gmail.com (h)  
Least - Anything that makes you stop.
Most - Anything with uphill (yes I enjoy uphill... almost as much as the down) and downhill mixed in together like Albion Hills
shawn warren
  (N- augusta - 12-May-06)
926-2209 (h) shawn_jw@hotmail.com (h)  
Cat Weaver
  (Ottawa - 12-Feb-05)
729-5633 private (h) trailrider684tnt@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - The one that you can't ride 'cause your working
Most - Love Kanata Lake,{Ridge top} and Albion Hills
Craig White
  (Ottawa - 16-Sep-02)
613-744-4995 (h) craig_g_w@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - Any part of Brocktel that Gilles encourages me to attempt ! heh heh
Most - Mac Mills, this-a-way, that-a-way, any which way
Andy Willing
  (Kingston - 11-Sep-01)
613-299-5078 cell (h) gravityryder@hotmail.com (h)  
Least - mac mills counter climbwise
Most - limerick at night
Rodney Wilson
  (Kingston - 19-Jul-04)
613 531 4182 (h) 4rw@post.queensu.ca (w)  
Least - mucky stuff at Mac Mills
Most - Fast pine floor trails at Limerick Forest and the rocky sections at Brock Tel
Wai-Ben Wong
  (Kingston/Ottawa - 10-Jun-04)
541-1133 (h)
828-0061 (w)
9ww1@qlink.queensu.ca (h)  
Least - Flat doubletrack
Most - Technical stuff
Jacob Wood
  (Oxford Mills - 09-Aug-09)
613 258 6873 (h) kwood02@cogeco.ca (h)  
Least - fergusson forest at night
Most - Kanata lakes and blue mountain
Ron Wood
  (Oxford Mills - 09-Aug-09)
613 258 6873 (h) kwood02@cogeco.ca (h)  
Least - triple fracture gully (inside joke)
Most - Almost all of it.(depending on the day I'm having)
Russ Wood
  (Kingston - 21-Nov-09)
613 540 4973 (h) rwwood@rogers.blackberry.net (w)  
Least - Road
Most - Rock
Ron Wood
  (oxford Mills - 15-Jul-11)
6137240286 (h) rwoodcme@gmail.com (h)  
Least - None
Most - All
  (IROQUOIS - 15-May-00)
613/652-4351 (h) kpwood@sympatico.ca (h)  
Least - any section of trail that has been trashed by unfriendly 4 wheelers creating nearly unpassable ruts
Most - all the trails we ride especially the new additions great job guys
Jonny Wright
  (Pembroke - 19-Oct-07)
1-613-281-1553 (h) jonny_stuntmaster128@hotmail.com (h)